Our Services.


Primary consultation

This is the first time we see and treat a pet’s condition.

Cost: £55

Secondary consultation

For any follow up appointments needed, including repeat prescriptions, known as the re-prescription check.  This refers to the consultation with a vet to monitor an ongoing medical condition, and are required every six months, which is a medical and legislative requirement.  It’s worth noting that we’ll often recommend more frequent checks depending on how stable your pet is.

Routine preventative

For vaccinations or routine health checks, we carry these out free of charge twice annually for pets who are members of our Essential health plan.

We will always perform a thorough clinical examination before administering a vaccination, to ensure that your pet is well enough to receive the vaccine, as well as screening for any longer term health concerns.

Second opinions

Sometimes it’s beneficial to get another view on a case, and Alfie is experienced with and happy to receive requests for second opinions from clients belonging to other veterinary practices.  Following our consultation, all clients will have the choice of returning to their existing veterinary practice for ongoing treatment, or of course remaining registered with us at Knaphill Vets.

Please contact the practice if you’d like to discuss a second opinion referral, and we’ll be happy to share more information with you.